Getting Started

Unless you are doing very general research into anything which takes your fancy on the day you will need a starting point, for example a theme, surname, date range, business name or whatever, before you delve into the records.

Some of our many metres of files

It’s often a good idea to write down some specific questions you want answered before starting out as that will help you, or our researchers, focus on relevant documents.

The research process may seem daunting at first but don’t be discouraged. Finding an answer can be very satisfying and the search will often lead you to other information and insights which will flesh out your story.

In fact you may find yourself with more data and information than you ever imagined possible as the story grows.

Our archives are a rich source of material for Maldon District history research and numerous files on particular themes, businesses, gold mines & mining, organisations and so on are available. How many will be useful for your research depends entirely on the questions you want answered.

For family history research into people who have lived and/or worked in the Maldon District the records are usually based on names and dates. You will need to know the name and approximate birth year of your family member(s) or the birth name of a family member born before 1921, their approximate birth year and location as these details can provide a path into our local records.

Check our Resources Available page for a list of document types currently available.

Many online genealogy services are also available to enhance your research efforts – our researchers may be able to advise on which to try.

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