1. What’s On

A number of special events are held each year as well as our regular meetings and Members & Friends gatherings.

AUSTRALIAN HERITAGE FESTIVAL held annually from mid-April to mid-May

Temporary Photo and Text display from 1st December 2021

To celebrate the re-opening of the Museum after a long break due to COVID, our Volunteers have created an informative display of four of Maldon’s Mine from days gone by. The North British, Caledonian, South German, and Beehive sites are all within walking distance of the Museum.

The display features photographs and text featuring the Mines and information on Robert Oswald – the “Quartz King”.  There are also stories about some of Maldon’s Major mining accidents.

Our Museum is situated in the original Maldon Market Hall, which is itself a feature of our permanent exhibition. Located in Maldon’s Shire Gardens, the Museum houses a permanent exhibition that takes the visitor along a time-line of developments from pre-European settlement to the present day.

Museum Opening hours are every Wednesday and Sunday from 11:30am to 2:00pm as from 1st December 2021.


HISTORY WEEK held annually in October


These have been deferred due to COVID 19 restrictions.









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