Heritage Festival 2019 – Exhibition


Exhibition is open on:

Saturday April 20 – 1:30pm to 4:00pm

Sunday April 21 – 1:30pm to 4:00pm

Monday April 22 – noon to 2:00pm

Entry: Gold Coin Donation

The first Maldon Easter Charity Fair in 1878 was reported to have brought together ‘the largest gathering of people ever known to Maldon’. A great variety of events and entertainments filled the day, and ‘a grand pecuniary’ result was achieved.

The traditional Procession leaders, a mounted rider and a band, c1920

One of the events featured throughout the Fair’s long and proud history is the Easter Procession. Our exhibition celebrates the Procession which has been showcasing our local community’s pride, ingenuity, flair and home-grown humour since 1878.

And again in 1989. This tradition has seen a captivating parade of horses and riders over the years.





From c1912 the Easter Fair became central to the Maldon Fraternal Society’s Comeback movement which encouraged former residents to return ‘home’ for the weekend.

Then, as now, the Procession provided an opportunity to catch up on local ‘news’ which was often portrayed in the many colourful entries. Procession participants and their stories have changed over time but the strong sense of celebration and belonging remains.

Visitors to our exhibition are encouraged to bring along photos, memorabilia and stories of past Maldon Easter Processions to share with the community.

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